Most people call these aircraft GLIDERS but.......


SAILPLANE is a better name for an aircraft that can soar for hours on rising currents of sun-warmed air, fly miles away and return to home at the end of the flight.

You are invited to visit us at Lake Village Airport for an introductory flight in one of our FAA-certified Schweizer 2-33A sailplanes. The ride will last from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many thermals (columns of warm rising air) we find.

All introductory flights are given by commercial glider pilots licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Please contact us to schedule an introductory flight today!

Want to know more before you go? Then click on the Let's Go Gliding! link to learn more, then contact us to schedule an introductory flight today!

CloudStreet: A stunning soaring documentary now showing on PBS

CloudStreet: Soaring the American West is a visually stunning look at soaring in the American West. This educational documentary follows four glider pilots as they cross the unique landscape of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to our friends at WYIN Lakeshore Public Television, CloudStreet will be airing Wednesday July 29 at 6:30pm on Channel 56 in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. In addition to over-the-air, this program will also be available in HD on Comcast 239, Comcast 17, Comcast 21, Dish 56, DirecTV 56, RCN 4, Mediacom 16, and AT&T 56. You will not want to miss it! Tune in and tell your friends about it!



More information about this documentary is available at www.cloudstreethd.org

If you cannot find Channel 56 in your channel lineup, ask you local PBS station to consider airing CloudStreet: Soaring the American West!