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AJ Solos


AJ Vilt is congratulated by Park Forest South Aviation Group chief flight instructor Bill Helgersen on the completion of his solo flight in the Schweizer 2-33at Lake Village, Indiana on September 28, 2012. AJ had the privilege of soloing in a glider many years ago and after a brief interlude has started flying again. We are really happy to see him up in the air again where, as we can see, he is enjoying himself immensely!

Congratulations AJ!

Zeb Shows Us How It's Done!


August 9, 2012 Bill Helgersen chief flight instructor for Park Forest South Aviation Group, located in Lake Village, Indiana, congratulates Zeb Oehlman on his first glider solo in the Schweizer 2-33. Zeb is a commercial airplane pilot transitioning to commercial glider pilot.

Zeb started his glider training only a few weeks ago and since his solo flight has quickly transitioned to the single place Schweizer 1-26 "Old Buzzard". Last Saturday, August 25, Zeb set a new 1-26 duration record of 3 hours 45 minutes at Lake Village Airport. Zeb was on his second "familiarization" flight in the 1-26 and with it also qualified for the duration requirements of the SSA A, B and C badges.

Congratualtions Zeb!

Atmospheric Soloist


Park Forest South Aviation Group and Atlantis Soaring Society are pleased to announce that Al Jones soloed for the first time on 07/22/2012 at Lake Village Airport, Indiana in the Grob G-103 glider!

Al is shown here on the right being congratulated by his instructor Winfried Rudloff, CFI-G SSAI Atlantis Soaring Society. Al joined us two years ago with no flying experience and has been a regular Sunday flier. He diligently worked at it almost every Sunday in the season until his day finally arrived. Winfried signed him off to accomplish his dream today.

After Al boxed the wake perfectly Winfried got out and cut him loose. Al flew solo around the pattern twice and did an excellent job landing each time. He was greeted by the ground crew and congratulated by all. Smiles all around!

Bravo Al! We look forward to your next soaring goal!


New Rating for Ted Sanders


Ted Sanders passed his Certified Flight Instructor - Glider checkride in the Grob G-103 at Lake Village Airport, Indiana.

Ted is an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor, a National Association of Flight Instructors Master Instructor, and NAFI Board Member, with Commercial ASEL, ASES, AMEL, Instrument Airplane, Glider, CFI, CFII, MEI and AGI ratings.

Ted looks forward to teaching new glider students and new cross-country soaring challenges in the next year. When he is not teaching in gliders his favorite sailplane is the club's Schweizer 1-26b.

Pictured with Ted, standing second from left, is, left to right, PFSAG's Bill Helgersen, CFI-G, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Daniel Tannas, and Atlantis Soaring Society's Winfried Rudloff, SSA-I, CFI-G.

Special thanks to Winfried Rudloff and Atlantis Soaring Society for furnishing the Grob and to Bruce White for the great photos.

Left to right: Bill Helgerson, Ted Sanders, Daniel Tannas, Winfried Rudlof.

Congratulations Paul!


Paul Cantwell passed his Private Pilot Glider checkride in the Grob G-103 at Lake Village Airport, Indiana.

Paul is an Airplane Private Pilot and fell in love with soaring a few years ago after taking a ride in the Janus CM motorglider. His comment was "I can see how this can become addictive!" Following his new-found addiction led him to transition instruction and then multiple solo flights totaling over 4 hours at a time primarily in the LS-1b, earning his ABC badges, and topping the club list of total number of solo student hours flown in 2010.

Pictured with Paul, center, is FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Daniel Tannas on the left, and Atlantis Soaring Society Instructor Winfried Rudloff, SSA-I CFI-G, on the right.

Special thanks to Winfried Rudloff and Atlantis Soaring Society for furnishing the Grob and to Bruce White for the great photos.

First solo for Jason


Jason Standish soloed in the Grob G-103 glider for the first time after joining PFSAG less than a year ago with no flying experience.

Bill Helgersen, CFI-G PFSAG, and Winfried Rudloff, CFI-G SSA-I Atlantis Soaring Society, both worked with Jason to reach this milestone. On his special day Jason flew two more times with Winfried around the pattern and then waited a few hours for the wind to get below 10 MPH before getting the thumbs up from Winfried to try it on his own.

Jason flew a spot-on approach to a full stop landing and was greeted by the entire ground crew for the ritual hazing.

Joining in the ritual ice dunk is member Glen Thomas. Student Jason is so engrossed in the post-flight critique by Instructor Winfried that he doesn't even notice as Glen walks right past him with a full Thermos of ice water for the re-gifting!

Congratulations Jason!

Paul's fun flight in the LS-1


Click on the links bellow to see a track of Paul's flight

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